Jul 192011
Bullseye View

Hi, and Welcome to Bullseye View!

This is a place intended for the benefit of our dogs.  It is a place of responsible dog ownership and canine guardianship.  It contains basic information for all dog owners as well as detailed information for learning and higher knowledge in canine care, training and performance.  It is intended to contain stories and case studies as well. I am certain it will contain both fact and opinion, hopefully all of which will be clearly identified.  Although I will attempt to make sure information is accurate, users of this site will be able to post comments of their own opinions and facts and therefore I cannot guarantee this.  Please make your own best attempts to validate any information you find on this site. And please feel free to post any suggestions, opinions, or corrections.  This site is about being the best we can be for our dogs and understanding humility and our limits as people and as individuals and accepting responsibility for our own behavior and the behavior of our dogs in order to be at our best for them.

It is my intention that this is an active place where new information is presented and discussed along with the information we really know. Informative and useful discussions and assistance may be provided where possible.

I had intended prior to my eldest dog Dylan’s being diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, to start this site and was understandably delayed by the fight to save her life.  I am dedicating this site to my baby girl, Dog Dylan and starting with her story.


Richard Ford

Bullseye Performance


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