Dec 032011
Richard, Dog Dylan and Jagger - 2002

Two very special Pit Bull crosses, both rescued from the SPCA. Jagger (RIP 2009), “The Best Dog Ever” and Dog Dylan. Dog Dylan is an amazing dog and been through far more than anyone would ever want for their dog. Although Jagger always will have a special place in my heart, she changed my life, so Dylan will as well. Dylan and I have fought for life together, let go of our control and Jagger was there with us as Dylan decided to stay. Dylan has overcome abuse and being ditched to fend for herself as a puppy. She has fought off incredible fear, especially of people whom she loves now dearly and probably her biggest joy in life. She has overcome Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) and her brush with death to be here today with me and for that I am extremely grateful. I am grateful for her strength and will to live. I am so proud of Dog Dylan, my very special and very close friend for what she has overcome.


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