Jul 242011
Issac, Dog Dylan's bff
So another addition to the Bullseye View is the Bullseye Dog Lover’s Hall of Fame.

First class of inductees are:

Amy Kuether,
Anna Lupacchino,
Dr. Jean Dodds.

These are the ones I know for sure how they feel and how far they will go for their dog and anyone’s dog. Since March 19 2011, this is what my life has been about. I know there are many more of you. Some of you I may already know and I may know some of the stories about the things you have done with your dogs and for many other dogs around you. I am sure there are many others I have not yet met who have heroic stories or great tales of giving.

Some of you may not have a lot to tell and for others there may be many stories worth telling.

This is a place where we will tell those stories. Stories of heroic efforts. Stories of constant giving. Stories of real and true Dog Lovers.  The first class of inductees’ stories will be added in the near future.

Nominate the Dog Lover in your life: Nominate someone and tell me why they are a true Dog Lover.



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