Mar 232012
Big Hugs and Positive Karma for Muay: Fight on Great Soldier

I hate writing about life and death of dogs, but once again this subject is occupying all my thoughts as my friends John & Lisa struggle with the recent diagnosis of inoperable liver cancer in their beautiful Pit Bull rescue, Muay Tai. This is basically the same kind of cancer that likely killed my first dog Jagger. Getting this news this morning is especially hard as it is 1 year to the moment that my oldest dog, Dog Dylan, lay on my [More…]

Mar 222012
Dealing with Ring Stress in Dog Agility for Bullseye Performance

One of the most common problems I see with all dogs in general and certainly many who compete in dog sports is the lack of skills to deal with stress and the lack of ability in people to recognize and understand their dog’s reaction to stress. I am not sure if they have ever thought about what it is like for their dogs going from a practice with familiar dogs and familiar faces and zero traffic to a dog agility trial. I [More…]

Mar 202012
Dog Agility Contact Obstacle Criteria for Bullseye Performance:  Part2; The Teeter

Teeter Criteria: The ultimate goal is to have my dogs get on the teeter straight on always, no matter what the course might dictate as the actual approach; drive to the very end as hard and fast as they can without hesitation into a crouch as they go past the pivot, until the teeter hits the ground, then release straight forward once on the ground. No leaving before it hits. No sideways motion.  In the case of the teeter I may choose [More…]

Mar 202012
Why Do the Little Things Matter in Your Dog?

I had a productive day yesterday despite several intense flashbacks and emotional moments thanks to the 1 year anniversary of Dylan’s Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) diagnosis. It sure was an intense roller coaster ride of emotion and certainly life changing for both of us. I am so glad for each good day and every great moment. Soft and cuddly Dylan, and certainly happy. I love her her dearly! Today I started experiencing panic attacks as I get vivid, extremely real flashes of [More…]

Mar 182012
Dog Agility Contact Obstacle Criteria for Bullseye Performance:  Part 1; Common Ground

One simple rule that applies to the performance of all obstacles for all of my dogs is that it is my dog’s job to recognize and perform any obstacle that I have placed in their path, according to how they have been trained to do so, from the instant their focus is placed on the obstacle until they have completed it.  I can and do assume that my dogs are fully intelligent enough to look ahead; recognize and perform all obstacles and [More…]