Aug 042011
Bullseye View Update: Anti Spam and Captcha plugin for Safety

Bullseye View uses Anti Spam and Captcha plugin for Safety I have added Captcha support and an Anti Spam service to help protect Bullseye View from spammers. Please contact me directly ( if you have any issues making comments and suspect the anti spam may have blocked you.  Thank-you for supporting this site with your comments and feedback. Richard

Aug 012011
Kidney: My Dog's Acquired Taste - Using Desensitization

So I asked my friend Joe (Joe More), not to be confused with my dog Joey, what he thought the chances of Joey eating the kidney in his meal today were after refusing to eat it yesterday; he hummed and hawed.  In the end he gave in to my hints that he should go with Joey eating it. From my perspective, the answer was obvious.  All of my dogs eat their raw meat and bone dinner as though they are eating an [More…]