Dec 192012
All I want for Christmas is Dylan (2012)

Recently I have been trying to get back into writing more often and although a friend once said I might be writing too much about Dylan and her fight with Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (also referred to as Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia); this has been the only important thing going on in my life over the last 3 days. Most people can only imagine what it is like and quite frankly, without the experience of having been through it, the imagination cannot [More…]

Apr 212012
Calming Jimmi Part 2: Why Calm Reassurance and Support are Critical Skills for Canine Guardians

The value of being able to calm my anxious dog Jimmi, was far more important last Saturday than it was a few weeks ago during our dog agility trial in Kelowna. That was a voluntary exposure to stress; at least it was my choice to put that pressure on her and a very good reason to know the result of that pressure and to help her deal with it as part of my responsibility. In this case; however, it seems she had [More…]

Apr 102012
Bullseye Performance - Calming Jimmi

After 2 days in a strange city, living in a strange house and playing in a strange yard with all kinds of wonderful new farm animals to see and also playing agility in a new barn on equipment she has never seen led Jimmi to be a tad excited on day 2 of our first CKC trial (2nd trial in total).  Jimmi was vibrating; literally shaking with excitement when I took her out for our last run of a 2-day trial weekend. [More…]

Mar 202012
Dog Agility Contact Obstacle Criteria for Bullseye Performance:  Part2; The Teeter

Teeter Criteria: The ultimate goal is to have my dogs get on the teeter straight on always, no matter what the course might dictate as the actual approach; drive to the very end as hard and fast as they can without hesitation into a crouch as they go past the pivot, until the teeter hits the ground, then release straight forward once on the ground. No leaving before it hits. No sideways motion.  In the case of the teeter I may choose [More…]

Mar 202012
Why Do the Little Things Matter in Your Dog?

I had a productive day yesterday despite several intense flashbacks and emotional moments thanks to the 1 year anniversary of Dylan’s Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA) diagnosis. It sure was an intense roller coaster ride of emotion and certainly life changing for both of us. I am so glad for each good day and every great moment. Soft and cuddly Dylan, and certainly happy. I love her her dearly! Today I started experiencing panic attacks as I get vivid, extremely real flashes of [More…]

Mar 182012
Dog Agility Contact Obstacle Criteria for Bullseye Performance:  Part 1; Common Ground

One simple rule that applies to the performance of all obstacles for all of my dogs is that it is my dog’s job to recognize and perform any obstacle that I have placed in their path, according to how they have been trained to do so, from the instant their focus is placed on the obstacle until they have completed it.  I can and do assume that my dogs are fully intelligent enough to look ahead; recognize and perform all obstacles and [More…]

Jan 122012
Dog Agility this weekend: January 14th &15th, 2012

What We are doing: -1 Starters Gamblers run each day indoors for both Jimmi and Joey, first thing in the morning both days. -Our ultimate goal is to have fun and practice and for them to gain confidence as a result. Overall: -First; I am ecstatic about how well my pups are doing considering the interruptions in my life since the summer of 2010. -They have endured long periods without training on many occasions. -They have yet to trial and they are [More…]

Dec 272011
For the Love & Death of our Dogs

Since the death of my friend SallySue’s dog Bentley (affectionately known as “Mr. B”) from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) and my Dog Dylan’s subsequent attack of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA; a specific form of IMHA), I have been unable to write much about anything, so I thought that maybe writing about Mr. B. and his struggle for life and SallySue’s struggle for love and some of the choices we all go through, might help me understand why. There is no doubt [More…]

Dec 032011
PIt Bull Cross - Rescue One Any Day!

Two very special Pit Bull crosses, both rescued from the SPCA. Jagger (RIP 2009), “The Best Dog Ever” and Dog Dylan. Dog Dylan is an amazing dog and been through far more than anyone would ever want for their dog. Although Jagger always will have a special place in my heart, she changed my life, so Dylan will as well. Dylan and I have fought for life together, let go of our control and Jagger was there with us as Dylan decided [More…]

Nov 132011
Dog Dylan: Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia - The Battle of Prednisone!

What a tough situation we find ourselves in during this fight for life. We are pretty much at the mercy of our vets when we start this journey. Having to put full trust in them immediately. To diagnose the condition and explain it to us and treat it appropriately. All sounds very easy, but with AIHA it is not. There is a tendency for this disease to strike fear in the hearts of those who treat it and that fear is easily [More…]